Please use our sizing guide to help you better determine the best fit! Actually, we didn’t get around to the sizing guide stuff yet. How do you know if its gonna fit. Well look at all your other t-shirts and hoodies and see what size they are and then order that size and then it will probably be similar to that. Our sizes are pretty industry standard for t-shirts for North Americans. Not like Walmart shirts with Merica scrawled across them but you know, like if you went to Old Navy or Banana Republic or Urban Outfitters. Like those sizes. If you are in Asia, all the sizes will run a little bit big. Like an x-large in Japan might be a medium or large in the US. That’s all about to change though because Costco opened over there and its gonna make everyone’s sizes explode. Be careful Japan!!! And Korea. And China. If you are scared about what size you need…shoot us an email and we’ll try to help out with you picking the right size. No promises but we’ll try!