Ben Ficklin wore Double Cobra Milling clothes so let’s talk about Ben


Ben Ficklin was born in a bathtub in the corner of the maternity ward at St. Vincent’s hospital in Southwest Portland, Oregon. Then he dropped out of high school because it sucked. While simultaneously dropping out, he grew a pink mohawk to scream at people, “HEY! The system is broken and I’m an individual.” Actually he probably just wanted a pink mohawk. Doesn’t everyone?

Ben tested directly into college and received a bachelor of arts degree at University of Oregon in Ethnic Studies with a strong focus on Oregon coastal tribes. Ben is a hardcore advocate for Indigenous people. He has worked on project with tribal members of the Coos-Coquille tribe outside of Coos Bay Oregon.

Suddenly he flew through the air in a big beautiful airplane and landed on the Big Island of Hawaii which was taken over by the US at some point and now mainland US citizens go there to consummate marriages, work at military bases and swim in warm tropical waters without getting malaria or having to speak another language. But Ben worked at a biodynamic farm that was all about Ulu. What is Ulu?!?! It’s breadfruit! The future carbohydrate source you are gonna love! It makes everything better, from proper nutrition to healing open, gapping wounds from deep cuts (like if you stepped on coral reef in bare feet). Also he worked for an old Italian lady farmer and she was very surly. Maybe more ornery than surly. Not sure….ask Ben. Ben?

Ben started writing in second grade and his addiction to this craft has only increased throughout his life. Now he only gives written responses and has trouble talking. Actually not true but wanted to write something a little sensational and wild. Sorry to Ben for the lies. has all his writings! The best writings! Oh yeah…Ben has written two books and so if you are a publisher, please publish his books so we can all read them.

This is gonna sound crazy but it’s true: Ben was a childhood actor and got a main part in a TV show/movie called Escape from Middle C. It ran on Nickelodeon for awhile. Ben said it went off the air because is was genuinely terrible. Here is the link to the trailer. You’re gonna love it!!!!!

Cobra 2 (who is writing this blog post) roped Ben into promoting the book Dogwalker by Arthur Bradford and Ben was terrific! More on that later but it’s a great book and you are gonna need to read it right now!

Ben says to be nice to people and think deeply and make sure you are being tender. Uhhh, being a good person and working to make the world a better place. Ben is not a fan of capitalism and he knows Double Cobra Milling is kinda a capitalism kinda thing so thanks to Ben for being involved and doing an interview. In short, you can buy our clothes with money and still not like the process but also feel good about yourself and our clothes.

As of the spring of 2019, Ben is on his way to work at a Spanish conversation school in Guatemala and we wish him the best of luck and really really hope he comes back and does more fun stuff with Double Cobra Milling!